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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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business or is there bad blood between san jose and these neighboring cities? >> reporter: no, no bad blood at all, raj. these police chiefs across the area know what they're doing. san jose's assistant police chief takes issue with the word "disgruntled." but i spoke with several of her officers off-camera and they tell me disgruntled is probably an understatement. meanwhile, the police chief in redwood city says his door is always open for any officer who wants to leave san jose. he sits in the big chair now, but before being sworn in as chief in redwood city last year, junior was a decorated officer who climbed the ranks in san jose. >> san jose is a great department. >> reporter: which is why by the end of december, he will likely have hired 11 officers from san jose, men and women with enviable credentials. cops tired of the low morale and low pay at san jose p.d.
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>> imagine all that experience on a midnight shift when an officer from redwood city that might have five or six years on it, it's a win-win. >> reporter: but it's a huge loss for san jose. some of its finest, yet unhappy officers, are walking out the door. still, the assistant chief doesn't believe her officers are disgruntled. >> no, i don't believe that. i don't believe any of our officers are unhappy being san jose police officers or working for the city of san jose. i think they really love working for the city of san jose. i think they're making very personal decisions based on personal reasons, largely, financial. >> reporter: you don't feel guilty about that? your old job that those other officers are leaving and coming to you? >> you know, it's difficult. my heart's torn. >> reporter: and gammons insists the officers are calling him, not the other way around. >> there's no mistaking that. i've not picked up a phone and called san jose officers and said, i'm looking for new laterals. >> reporter: but he will pick up
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the phone if they call, knowing there's a cop on the other end with amazing experience and training. >> today, i'm serving the community of redwood city. i want to do everything i can to benefit this community as the communities in san jose were benefited at one time. >> reporter: here's some perspective. there are 12 police chiefs in california who once climbed the ranks here in san jose. hayward, daly city, san leandro to name a few. if you think they're not keeping an eye on what's happening here in san jose, you might want to think again. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. the hunt is on for a man who police say is one of two suspects that went on a crime spree ultimately killing a young man and injuring an officer. tonight, the reward money has been increased. nbc bay area's kris sanchez has new details and joins us from the 7-eleven in san jose. that's where that crime spree turned deadly. >> reporter: hi, there.
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yes, the suspect in custody and the one still on the loose fired directly at that police officer as he sat in his car, a sitting duck, so to speak. he ducked under his dash just to make sure that he could survive the accident. that was after the suspects gunned down a young man here at the 7-eleven after trying to carjack him. a collection of things that remind rory parkpettiford's friends of him are collected near where he was killed, randomly, senselessly by two suspects on a violent crime spree on friday night in san jose. >> it just sucks. seeing this and having him just be gone. i can't call him to see what's good and just chill. i don't know. it's just really sad. >> reporter: steven mosley says his friend, parkpettiford, was good at music, full of life and helpful to his family. the suspects who allegedly killed him while trying to steal his car outside this 7-evan are ruthless.
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jonathan wilbanks is in custody arrested after the crime spree began. he and his accomplice robbed a little caesar's pizza, a jack in the box before ending up at the 7-eleven where the victim had stopped for snacks after picking up the car he'd saved up to buy. >> i see his friend crying hysterically and they pulled his body out of the car and tried to revive him. >> reporter: the suspects took off, but with police on their trail, at one point stopping to get out of the car and fire shots directly from the police officer's patrol car. >> you can see we're very lucky. had it not been for the o.c. canister, we would be talking a different thing here right now. >> reporter: now the race is on to get a dangerous suspect off the street. the police officers association and the mayor's office each ponying up 10,000 grand to get people talking about. >> talking about people that
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night not necessarily be willing to help us. >> reporter: as people have been dropping off mementos here at this memorial, the police officers association and the mayor each put up $10,000 to get people talking. the tips can be anonymous. the assistant police chief says the suspect who is in custody is cooperating somewhat with the investigation. perhaps that will change as he is scheduled to be in court on wednesday to face the charges against him. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. an odd sight now, on top of a public bus. this man in san jose managed to nearly shut down an entire neighborhood for about four hours today. around 10:15 this morning, the man walked up to a vta bus at the bus stop at first and keyes near 280 and 87. he told the driver he wanted to talk to police and then jumped on top of the bus. the 12 passengers inside were escorted off without incident. sheriff's deputies including those trained to work with mentally ill people tried to
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convince him to come down. the man was not armed and made no major demands except to ask to talk with his father. the stand-off shut down the intersections and slowed business to a near crawl. >> resources are being taken away right now that we have very little of, like the sheriff and the police department, to be sitting out here when there's other things that could be taken care of, people needing these resources. >> nearly four hours later, as you can see, he did come down off of that bus. they're not releasing his name. they took him to a medical care facility for evaluation and are still deciding whether he will be arrested on any charges. pg&e is offering a $10,000 reward for information that help police crack a brazen kidnapping. two men kidnapped and carjacked this woman as she left work on november 7th. these are surveillance photos. it's one of the suspects. the 57-year-old woman was tied up, blindfolded and forced to withdraw money at an east bay
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atm. ultimately, he was driven to an isolated area in the oakland hills where they let her go. the man whose suspicious-looking watch triggered a bomb scare at the oakland airport will not face charges. geoffrey mcgann was stopped by security after a federal agent saw what he believed was a suspicious device. mcgann's attorney says it's all just a big understanding. he said his client is an artist and known to be eccentric. prosecutors declined to file any charges. a surprising crime at one of the bay area's most scenic colleges. two students robbed at gunpoint. it happened about 9:00 this morning. campus police say two students were stopped by a man with a gun and robbed of their backpacks. >> it's very rare, in my history here, in my 16 years here, never
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seen an armed robbery situation like here. certainly not unusual on college campuses to have crimes. but in this area, for our campus, it is. >> campus police and sheriff's deputies searched the campus did you didn't find the suspect. the campus was knott locked down and no classrooms were disrupted. the repairs to the chevron refinery fire damaged in august could be delayed. at issue, what kind of metal pipes to use as a replacement. that issue came up today. chevron wants to replace a corroded carbon steel type with an alloy called chromium. but the contra costa times reports the federal safety board is challenging that choice because the american petroleum institute considers stainless steel more resistance to corrosion. the issue is expected to be addressed in tomorrow knight night's richmond city council
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meeting. some members of the california national guard call it a toxic culture. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is here with new information. the guard's leadership wants to look into the problems exposed in the report aired here and in los angeles. >> reporter: that is correct. our investigation uncovered a disturbing hidden culture inside the california guard where some members say sexual assault and racism at times go unchecked and leaders who make questionable decisions don't get disciplined. instead, they get promoted. we spoke with a master sergeant claiming she was sexually sa assaulted by another guard member. and this woman showed us a dollar bill with the "n" word on it saying it came from a member of the guard. and a veteran helicopter pilot questioned this risky joyride, under the golden gate by five national guard helicopters. over the past five months, nearly two dozen guard members spoke with us on and off camera
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raising concerns about the guard's secret culture. following our first report, sylvia crockett sent us an e-mail including an investigator from the national guard bureau investigator will be sent to california to review the guard's handling of complaints. it will include human resources and equal opportunity programs. and according to the e-mail, that visit will happen some time in the next three to four months. we renewed our request to sit down with the commanding officer of the guard. our question is really simple, what has he done to address the numerous cultural concerns raised by nearly two dozen members of his guard? >> thank you very much. coming up, tony will rejoin us with a look at a local businessman who owes more than $3 million in unpaid taxes. the questions about that money trail is coming up at 6:45. the rulg over a southern california nativity scene making national headlines. and from oakland to the white house, the first lady
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honors a local youth radio station. i'm jodi hernandez. i'm jeff ranieri. you can see the rain developing across the north bay right now. and also some estimated travel delays. we'll have more on your full forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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a group of bay area kids got a big pat on the back from the first lady. oakland youth radio honor at the white house today. while not everyone involved in the broadcast could make to it d.c., they got to see the ceremony online. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows us. >> the next award goes to youth radio. >> reporter: students in oakland couldn't contain their excitement as they watched a live feed of first lady michelle obama awarding their program,
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youth radio, with one of the nation's top honors, the national arts and humanities youth program award. >> i think it's great that we've been recognized by the first lady and the white house. i'm glad my friend shyra got to accept the award, close friend of mine. yeah, i'm really pumped. >> reporter: oakland high school senior and hip-hop rapper shyra gun and a producer traveled to washington to accept the award. the oakland program was one of a dozen after-school arts programs from across the country recognized. >> i think it's a long time coming, to tell you the truth. i think youth radio has done amazing work for years. and it's great that we're finally getting recognized for the work we do for this community. >> reporter: this 19-year-old says youth radio changed his life, giving him direction and helping him discover his passion. >> it's 7:00 in the morning in fremont, california. and dee is already running late. >> reporter: thanks to youth
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radio, he's well on his way to launching a career in radio journalism. in fact, his reports have already aired on national public radio and other outlets. >> i think so much of what i've learned her and what i've done here. it's helped me develop both a sense of myself and where i can go. >> reporter: the program's state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff, not only groomed hundreds of journalists, it's also fostered budding musicians and hope many kids find their niche in the media world. and now that it's been recognized by the white house, they hope theirรง reach just kes growing, making an impact across the airwaves and beyond. in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> congratulations. what a great honor for them. they're coming up short and only have a few days to make things right. tonight, a south bay non-profit needs some help. sacred heart community services in san jose began passing out
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its thanksgiving boxes to low income families. they started today. this video was taken earlier this month when people camped out to register for the help. they need help this thanksgiving. the agency plans to feed at least 4,000 families, which is a record number. but as of today, the agency still needs about 1,000 turkeys. >> what we see is a lot of people still struggling. they don't have full-time employment yet. maybe they have part-time jobs but even if they do, they're still lower-paying jobs. we see a lot of people turning to us for help. >> it's a problem that impacts a large part of our community. each family receives a box of canned goods, fresh vegetables and a frozen turkey. it's not too late to help. but cash donations are also encouraged. tomorrow, san francisco's board of supervisors is scheduled to take a key vote on the warriors' new arena project. they want to leave oakland and build in san francisco. but there could be a lot of opposition. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato, jr.
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>> reporter: ever since the golden state warriors announced back in may they were moving to san francisco, it seems not a week has gone by without some sort of other announcement. >> it means a lot of jobs. and this is so important to all of us. >> reporter: today, san francisco mayor ed lee and the warriors' officials announced an agreement with labor unions to give current oakland arena workers first crack at new jobs for the san francisco waterfront. that news hit like a three-pointer for this food service manager, johnny stake. >> it's a good union job. that's extremely important to me. i've been there 30 years. i think that should count for something. >> reporter: on tuesday night, san francisco's board of supervisors is expected to give its approval to the financial feasibility of the project. warriors president rick weltz says the team is on pace to open the new arena by 2017. >> we don't have any time to waste either. i think actually overall it's
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good to have that mark in the ground of where you're going to be and when you're going to be there. >> reporter: but the quick march of progress has put the arena's potential san francisco neighbors on the defense. >> it's very well-orchestrated. they have professionals making sure that it goes quickly and smoothly. >> reporter: south beach neighbors like michael anthony are fears concerns over traffic congestion, transportation issues and quality of life are getting stifled by the team's push to win city approval. >> there's a feeling by many in the neighborhood that we should be careful about all the issues involved, but have adequate time to study it. >> reporter: but the mayor says the city is moving carefully, including working with the citizens advisory committee. >> i don't think their ramrodding any of this. i think they'll give due consideration for every mac of the environment they're impacting. >> reporter: but with the potential for 4,300 jobs and a
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state-of-the-art waterfront arena, this is one slam dunk the city doesn't want to miss. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> it will be a long road for the warriors. but they want to do it asap. >> it was nice outside today. but it's about to change again. >> that's right. another storm system already lining up after that weekend rainfall. right now, the mid and high level cloud cover increasing for those up in the north bay. but currently showers are still about 100 20sh200 miles away. expect the heaviest rainfall to hold off. now let's get a look at what the rainfall did this past weekend also on last friday for that rainfall for the season. doing pretty good in santa rosa, 82% of the normal and doing the best, san francisco at 92% of normal. while san jose is doing the worst, we saw marked improvement, at least for the past two storms at 37% of normal. today's highs were in the upper 60s and low 70s. comfortable out there. even mild for this time of the year. down in the south bay, up to 71
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in santa teresa. clear skies, a few clear pockets in the south bay. temperatures are coldest at this our. let's take you to your sky cam. you can see this gorgeous shot from emeryville looking towards san francisco. you can see the cloud cover building. but also nothing in the way of major fog here for tonight. that is the great news. let's get a look at the storm system that we're currently tracking. it is piling in, lots of rainfall here for washington and also oregon. no doubt we'll get the brunt of this storm system. we have that bottom weaker edge expected to slide through over the next 24 to 36 hours. do not expect this to be as strong as the weather we had on friday and saturday. but overall, totals could go as high as a half inch here throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. also looking at airport delays and winds that could be anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour.
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for tomorrow, showers will gradually start up in the north bay but you can see by 6:00 p.m. on tuesday, this is the thing about this storm system. the rain's going to move so slowly to the south, we may only start to spoous introduintroduc san francisco here. the rain starts to slide to the south. those of you in the south bay, you may not get in it raindrops until early wednesday morning. and even at that, not expected to be heavy. overall totals, low to mid-60s throughout your tuesday forecast. a quick look at that three-day and what you're going to find here, most poshimportantly for thanksgiving, dry holiday travel f. you're headed anywhere, be rest assured, it's going to look good for you. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, a new lease on life. the research helping a once-paralyzed dog walk again. and is there hope for hostess? why thousands of local jobs might be saved. and a holiday tradition now
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in danger. we'll explain where and why coming up in two.
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it's a holiday tradition. court fights over nativity scenes. a federal judge has denied a southern california city to reopen spaces that displayed life-size nativity scenes of traditions that span decades. >> patrick healy has more on the ban in santa monica. >> reporter: this tradition stretches six decades. but this season, it's not coming back. >> we would come and see it, the whole family. >> it's a shame. why? >> reporter: the simple answer is, city hall called it off. and today in federal court, an attempt to force the city's hand was rejected. the attorney for the nativity committee of 30 years blames anti-religious activists. >> the atheist ones on this motion.
6:25 pm
they will always win unless we get courts to understand how the game is played. >> reporter: in recent years, a burbank man and other activists who call christianity a myth have demanded park access for holiday displays. last year the city held a lottery. new petitioners got most of the spots and some of their displays were vandalized. this summer, the tradition was called off. >> as the court recognized, there are multiple opportunities. >> reporter: deputy city attorney said santa monica would permit display ifs they were taken down each nights. he said installing the dieramas was not feasible. >> i'm using the system to promote my point of view. that's true. but no more so than the christians have been doing for
6:26 pm
many years. >> reporter: the bottom line is, no religious holiday displays here in palisades park. the nativity committee is now pondering its other options. patrick healy reporting for nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, the upcoming protests at a retail giant over dog treats. and a new mental health report on the alleged gunman behind a mass shooting at a local college. i'm janelle wang. a possible truce in the middle east. what both sides are demanding before they stop the fighting. and president obama becomes the first american president to visit two countries in southeast asia. more on the historic visit in "world tonight" next.
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hope and promise in the middle east today as a deal to end the fighting could be just days away. >> the story's changing almost by the hour. let's bring in nbc bay area's janelle wang with our world tonight. >> both sides seem willing to
6:29 pm
negotiate a truce. but they want certain things. palestinian militants want israel to lift its 2006 blockade of gaza. israel wants the rocket attacks to stop. certainly not happening yet. both sides continue to fight. israel has hit over 1,000 targets in the gaza strip since the attacks began last wednesday. 100 palestinians killed, half of them civilians. the israeli military says it's not targeting civilians but they appear to be collateral damage. an air strike at a media center today killed a hamas leader but also injured a handful of journalists. and another air strike at a home killed a hamas leader but also most of his family and neighbors. palestinians continue to fire rockets, including one that hit a school in southern israel. fortunately no one was hurt there. >> i very much hope that over the coming days, we can achieve cessation on a basis that is sustainable. >> former british prime minister
6:30 pm
tony blair met with both palestinian and israeli officials today and u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon is in the region to help negotiate a truce. in afghanistan, president hamid karzai has ordered the shift takeover of bagram prison. the u.s. agreed to hand it over months ago but karzai says the u.s. is dragging its feet. the hold-up? what to do with 50 inmates who have been acquitted in afghan courts but are still detained by the u.s. military. president obama is wrapping up his four-day tour of southeast asia. right now, he's in cambodia attending an east asia summit focusing on trade. mr. obama is the first u.s. president to set foot in that country as well as in myanmar, formerly known as burma. two countries with troubled history. the trip to myanmar included a symbolic visit with nobel peace prize winner aung san suu kyi under house arrest for 15 years for her opposition to the government.
6:31 pm
president obama said the country is making progress towards democracy. >> this nation that's been so isolated can show the world the power of a new beginning. and demonstrate once again that the journey to democracy goes hand in hand with development. >> this trip is most likely his last overseas trip with secretary of state hillary clinton who is leaving the state department after this term. the former mistress of david petraeus speaking out for the first time since their affair went public. speaking through a family friend, broadwell says she deeply regrets the damage that's been done to her family. she, her husband and two young sons are back at their north carolina home after staying at her brother's house in d.c. for a few days to try to escape the media. paula broadwell's affair with petraeus led to his resignation as cia director later this month. she could still face charges for mishandling classified information. the man behind the deadly shooting spree allegedly at
6:32 pm
oakland's oikos university suffers from parasanoid skets fn ya. the psychologist who wrote the report conclude that had one goh is not competent to stand trial for allegedly killing seven and wounding three. the hearing will resume in january. if that second report also finds goh not able to stand trial, he'll will transferred to a state mental hospital for treatment. to a follow-up to an ongoing saga involving your favorite snack cakes. twinti tkies and ding dongs may saved after all. it was declaring it was closing down, it's now agreed to federal mediation as of tomorrow. that decision came late today as the company went to bankruptcy court to change its filing from chapter 11 to chapter 7 liquidation.
6:33 pm
on friday, hostess sent some 18,000 workers at 33 different plants across the country, including oakland, packing. may be quite a scene at the airport. port workers are going on strike. more than 200 airport and port workers are getting ready to walk the picket line. it includes plumbers, may not workers, custodians and security guards. they say they've been without a contract for more than a year and are asking for a cost-of-living increase. they plan to shut down operations at the maritime port tomorrow. port officials are worried the strike will impact shipping and are trying to dissuade the union from this labor action. big day for your money now. especially if your money is in apple. let's greinke bribring in scott. >> apple shares lost about 20%
6:34 pm
of their value over the last to two month but they gained a third of that back just today. apple up nearly $40 a share as investors jumped back in. the company's market value now back above $500 billion. add apple to strong housing data and more optimism about washington managing to solve the fiscal cliff dilemma and you have an extremely strong day for your money on wall street. 200-plus points higher for the dow. big change coming at the top of intel. ceo paul otellini will step down in may. about three years earlier ton expected. otellini's been with intel for 40 years. you can expect the next as of yet unnamed ceo to focus on chips for mobile devices. one other silicon valley ceo of note, marissa mayer still admit the company has a long way to go before it turns around. but today yahoo! stock closing at its highest level since mid 2011. >> thank you, scott. on the run and apparently
6:35 pm
online, john mcafee wanted by police in belize has launch add website and a blog about his life on the run. and now he's offering a $25,000 reward for the capture of his neighbor's killer. the website called who is mcafee debuted on saturday. the 67-year-old says it allows him to go undetected as he spies on illegal searches of his home. belize police have been searching for mcafee since his neighbor was found shot to death a week ago. mcafee claims he is innocent and says he is being framed for a murder he didn't commit. the mother of a 9-year-old hayward girl who was kidnapped 24 years ago came out to mark the somber occasion again. sharon murch tied a ribbon around the tree where michaela garecht was last seen. the mother of the 16-year-old
6:36 pm
killed by the so-called speed freak killers had her remains tested at the end of the investigation. turns out there are other bones mixed in. the pair is believed to have gone on a killing spree in central valley in the 1980s and '90s. >> iou wondered if this might be the last year that we do that. although i think a probably regardless of the results of the testing of that fragment, i'll probably still be here every year because i do this to remember michaela. >> michaela's brother sang a song at that gathering. the bone fragment suz went to a second testing lab. still ahead at 6:00, an investigative unit exclusive on the local businessman who owes investors and the public millions of dollars. our chief investigator, tony kovaleski, follows this money trail. also ahead, a health problem now being linked to kids in day
6:37 pm
care. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. tracking a another storm now starting to move into northern california. we'll have your rain time line of when that rain arrives into the bay area. and an update for the syria key resorts. kirkwood doing the best, 26 to 36 inches. that full seven-day forecast in minutes.
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tonight in health matters, teenage boys are bulking up and not always in healthy ways. a new study from the university of minnesota examined for minnesota 2,700 teenagers at urban middle schools and high schools. more than two-thirds of the boys say they've altered their eating habits while 90% say they're
6:40 pm
exercising to increase muscle size or tone. 80% of girls are also exercising more to be more buff. more than a third are using protein powders or shakes and about 6% report they're using steroids. experts now ask if they're resorting to steroids at a ages of 13 to 15, what will they be doing at the ages of 18 or 20? day care has many benefits for children but a new study is finding more children are likely to be overweight than those who stay home with their parents. canadian researchers followed about 1,500 kids over a period of a few years and found that 50% were more likely to be overweight or obese. but what they couldn't figure out is why. the study is published in the journal of pediatrics. walmart is wanted to make chinese-made jerky treats off store shelves.
6:41 pm
360 pet deaths have been claimed from owners claiming the treats killed their pets. they will ask managers to remove the treats. they're billing it black friday for bets. they have a facebook page which has more than 800 supporters. the fda has issued warnings saying these treats are not necessary as part of a balanced diet. but the agency has not recalled the product. walmart did not respond to our request for a comment. pictures of a dauchsend, doctors took cells from his nose and encouraged them to grow in the lab, reenconjectured them into his spine. his owners say he's like any other dog.
6:42 pm
scientists say the treatment only repairs some lost functions but they see encouraging tests with other dogs and say there is hope now for human patients, too. >> so cute. >> thanksgiving week is upon us. >> it is. and every holiday, the pressure builds on that forecast. >> on you. >> yes! clear it out. let's get rid of this rainfall. looks like that forecast is going to cooperate. but we'll detail for some of you earlier travelers when that rain will arrive and when it moves on out coming up in that seven-day forecast. i'm jon kelley . we'll tell you who is getting rewarded. and the raiders were beaten soundly by the new orleans saints. and mark davis is not happy. head coach dennis allen got his chance to respond today. you'll hear it next from the xfinity sports desk.
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6:44 pm
a lot of people in the bay area claim they've lost a lot of money. tonight we follow that money in an investigative unit report. >> tony kovaleski unravels details of a south bay businessman and a $10 million trail of alleged financial failures. >> really intriguing story here, jessica. he owes more than $3 million in collected and unpaid taxes and he's convinced a bunch of bay area investors to hand over their money, $2 million later,
6:45 pm
their money is gone, their frustration only grows. >> i lost over $50,000. >> i invested more than $100,000. >> reporter: how many of you believe you're a victim of a crime? they are part of a group, 18 different bay area investors, a total of nearly $2 million. >> a lot of this was a scam. i think he was paying the interest from the people who were putting more money in. it looks like a ponzi. >> leads you to believthere's a ponzi scheme here. >> reporter: six years and $10 million -- >> that's hypothetical. >> reporter: does this concern you? >> it does concern me. i want to make sure we have good people that are affiliated with that organization because they do work with us. >> he's a bad businessman that's
6:46 pm
turned into a con man. somebody's got to investigate it. the police -- somebody's got to do something. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, we will introduce you to the bay area businessman at the heart of this story, a man trying to walk away from more than $10 million in bad business and bad investments. jessica? >> tony, we look forward to seeing that. if you have a tip, send us an e-mail or give us a call. let's bring in jeff ranieri. this is when everyone asks, i'm going home for thanksgiving or i'm coming to the bay area for thanksgiving, what's the deal? >> we're going to have a forecast that's going to cooperate with a lot of you. but if you are an early traveler, this is a forecast you don't want want to miss. some rainfall will be coming in. that next storm system lining up near eureka and for a lot of northern california. let's get a look right now at some of the weekend storm totals. we did really well when you think about some of the spots that haven't had too much rain so far this season, like the peninsula, also the south bay,
6:47 pm
picking up near from .5 inches to over an inch. doing the best, north bay hills, 2 to 3 inches. and the santa cruz mountains at 2 to 3 inches. as the doppler radar scans around right now, you've got to look way north to find any kind of rainfall. way up into ft. bragg. we'll have the rain time line coming up in a few minutes. let's get a look at the current temperatures. upper 50s and low 60s for most of you but dropping into the mid-50s in the south bay. that's going to take you outside of that live sky cam. it is the south bay tonight where we could have some of the coldest temperatures. the cloud cover is going to take so long to get to you. let's get a look at what's going to be a stubborn storm system over the next 24 hours. throughout tonight, a few showers up into santa rosa, also close to novato. but the thing to notice is even by tomorrow morning, usually we'll see a frontal system pass all the way to the south bay in about a ten to 12-hour period. but in the morning hours, some developing showers. we're not going to see this progress to the south till about
6:48 pm
5:00 and 6:00 p.m. on tuesday and even by then, showers only look to get close to san francisco. you may not actually get in on any kind of rainfall here in the south bay till about late, late tuesday night, also into wednesday morning. so it's going to be one of those more pesky systems. just drags its feet. rain here across the bay area also means snow up in the sierra. not going to be a major storm system. but if you're head that had way, we know how the roads get backed up on the holidays. even about 2 to 5 inches of some slushy snow will create travel headaches. overall with this storm system the next 24 hours, about a quarter to a half inch with the showers developing for tomorrow morning all the way throughout wednesday morning. we could even see moderate airport delays right here in the bay area. upper 40s expected in gilroy. 50 in san jose. 51 in los gatos. 49 in santa rosa. daytime highs tomorrow look very similar to today, especially in the south bay. you'll even get in on some sunshine throughout the early part of your day.
6:49 pm
conditions in the mid to upper 60s. three-day forecast, temperatures dropping off throughout wednesday and thursday. on thanksgiving, we'll have dry travel. if you have to work all the way through wednesday and you're going to take off to wherever across california, it's going to look a lot better right there on thanksgiving. hopefully dry travel and no dry turkey. and then some sunny deals happen on friday for those black friday shoppers. and then i also just learned on saturday, it is small business shopping day on saturday. according to my facebook. that's what i'm going to -- i haven't heard of it yet. looking at dry weather on saturday as well. not too bad from thursday to saturday. up until then, a little bit of shower activity. >> not bad at all. thank you, jeff. it's one of the biggest turnaround stories of the year that you probably haven't heard about until now. the remarkable story at san jose state. the football team is no longer at the bottom of the standings. here's nbc bay area'ses wi lawr scott. >> reporter: the spartan statues
6:50 pm
outside the san jose state practice field look a lot less like disgruntled boosters and more like cheering fans. they beat byu chance this weekend to finish the regular season at 10-2, their best record since 1987. >> their goal is to be the best team winwise ever in the history of the school. >> reporter: that's mike mcentire who took over as head coach three years ago engineering a tremendous turnaround while changing the culture in the process. >> at first, they thought i was a crazy guy. and now they believe in what we're doing. they listen to every word that i say, every word that our coaches say. the other side of it, too, is these kids were hungry. they were really hungry to be successful. >> reporter: regardless of the outcome saturday, the spartans with nine wins are already bowl eligible and set for what would be just their second bowl game appearance over the span of the past three decades. >> people have said, do you want to go to that bowl or that bowl?
6:51 pm
a year ago, i don't care what bowl we go to. i just want to go play and win. same way our kids feel. >> reporter: with the spartans in san jose, i'm lawrence scott. a lot of smiles for san jose state and stanford football and jim kozimor of the 49ers. >> how is it going? it's a big monday night match-up for the 49ers hosting the chicago bears tonight at candlestick park. both teams without their starting quarterbacks. alex smith and jay cutlers sustaining concussions in their last games. right now, it's all 49ers. late second quarter, they are blowing out the bears 20-0 right now. they're nearing halftime. and it's all 49ers in that one. over to the raiders who got blasted yesterday at home by the new orleans saints, 38-17 the final. after the loss, mark davis addressed the media and showed his frustration at his team's regressions this year.
6:52 pm
today, coach dennis allen at his press conference agreed with the owner. >> i'm right there with him. i'm frustrated. i'm disappointed. you wake up this morning and your gut hurts. but at the same time, when a man gets knocked down, a man gets up and fights. and that's exactly what we intend to do. i understand his frustration. i can appreciate that. and let me tell you, there's nobody that's going to work any harder to get it corrected than i will. when you get in these situations, you've got two choices -- you can splinter and fragment or you can come together and fight like a 15-round heavyweight fight. that's exactly what we plan to do. >> raiders have the bengals on sunday. great weekend for stanford
6:53 pm
football. they beat the number two ranked ducks 17-14 in overtime. today, the cardinal reaped the rewards as two players won conference honors. offensive player of the week honors. also the pac-12 special teams player of the year. we may not have nhl hockey, at least right now. but there are nhl players playing, albeit overseas. thomas brygreiss signed to play germany as players wait for the colonel nhl lockout to end. negotiations between the owners and the nhl players, the two sides met today after more than a week off from meetings. this meeting coming at the union's request. so far the nhl has cancel add total of 327 games, including the winter classic. that would have drawn 100,000 fans to a game between the detroit red wings and toronto maple leafs. let's go to hoops tonight.
6:54 pm
warriors are in dallas finishing a three-game road trip. early first quarter, harrison barnes nails the three. warriors get on the board first. later in the quarter, steph curry misses. but the big throwdown. later on in the first, off the miss, look at the athleticism of charles jenkins. tips it loose and lays it in. warriors right now up at the half 43-38. that's the score. and finally, it was a good weekend for stanford football, but it was an even better weekend for stanford women's basketball. they knocked off baylor 71-69 ending the bear's number one win streak. >> things going fairly well around here. >> that's nice. >> very good for everyone. >> thanks, jim. for a full half-hour of sports coverage, you can watch comcast sportsnet bay area.
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one the phrase naughty or nice, it isn't just a holiday ranking for kids. consumer reports has its own naughty and nice list for companies. take a look. bmw is branded naughty for no longer putting spare tires in the trunks of its cars. the special tires allow you to drive on a flat if only it's a minor puncture. comp usa is slammed for providing free anti-virus software and charging customers after six months. >> forever 21 won't allow customers to take online purchases to its stores for a refund. the kohl's department store chain has a no questions asked
6:58 pm
return policy. nordstrom has free shipping and free returns. and home depot takes away old appliances without charging when you buy new ones. tonight at 11:00, there's a vigil for a san francisco man detained by i.c.e. agents. supporters say he should never have been deported. we'll tell you why. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. we hope to see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
6:59 pm
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